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I know what it takes to make a military marriage work. My father spent most of his life in the service, and I would be proud to help support a serviceman of my generation. - CarlaLF78, 40
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I'd love to date a sailor, but as long as you're serving our country, I want to meet you! Message me your branch and something fun and we'll see what happens! - RedHeadCred, 27
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I've done distance before, and I know I can handle this. Let's just try talking to see if we've got something to work with and if we do, I'll stick with you. - Work4It_335, 25


There's an age-old challenge to military dating, present for as long as love has grown between men and women across the military-civilian divide, or even across the services. When service separates you from your partner, how do you stay in touch? In this modern age of electronics and connectivity, this challenge has finally gotten simpler. prides itself on offering a range of features to let you get to know a new partner or stay in touch with her once you're together. Use chat at any time to have real, instantaneous conversations, so you can tell each other about where you are and share in the best parts about being in different and fascinating places. You can even fire up video chat and share smiles with each other. But chat doesn't have to be all tame: using the site or mobile features, you can even spice things up and flirt a little, or go farther: whatever works for you! But even now, you can't both be online all the time. That's why is the uniformed dating site that offers both real-time chat and anytime messaging systems, so you can exchange messages to be read whenever either of you has a chance. Service is something to be proud of, and when you sign up, it doesn't have to conflict with your love life!



image descritpionMichael_J_45

To be honest when I signed up for ActiveDutyDating I don't think I really expected a woman in uniform to go for me. I'm so glad to have been wrong! The amazing woman who is now my girlfriend found me on there, right in the same town, and we met up soon after. Military dating through this site worked great for me!

image descritpion20YrService

I had a long career in the military keeping me busy, so I tried ActiveDutyDating to help me find someone. There were a lot of women who looked interesting, and some were interested right back... The one talked to most is the same one who's with me to this day. Uniformed dating isn't for the faint of heart, but this sure makes it simpler.

image descritpionKyleAllTheWhile

After I enlisted, I also signed up for this site. I've been chatting casually with a couple really cute girls also serving, but I think I'm ready to make it more serious. I could never have met military singles like this without ActiveDutyDating, but it's kept my love life alive while I serve, and it was a great choice for me!

image descritpionBobBeatsTheRest

I love women in uniform and can't find them on general dating sites. But even other uniformed dating sites haven't been as good as ActiveDutyDating. There's so much more choice here and it's all relaxed and easy. I've been chatting with this really great navy lady, and I think we're really going places! This site made it possible, and I'm happy I tried it.

Make Meeting Your Match Simple Without Surveys

It's clear that military dating presents several challenges and isn't for everyone, but it can also be intense, exciting, and rewarding. Online dating sites are stepping up to the plate to help solve some of the problems faced dating service members. But sometimes it seems like other sites are out of touch with the needs of servicemen and women and the civilians who want to be with them. A lot of dating sites make you take long and often boring surveys before they let you try to get matches. But people who are up to serving in the military, as well as the civilians who can handle the challenges of dating across the military-civilian line, are extraordinary people, and it makes no sense to narrow down the pool of people even further. Instead, is the site that gives you the tools you need to meet your match your way, and then lets you get to it. With a huge set of members, an array of searching and browsing tools, flexible chat and messaging options, and a versatile mobile app, we make meeting the woman for you simple. There's no hassle and no barriers: all you need for is a username and email, and you can start looking for the military singles or civilian women you want, right away.

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More Successful Military Matches Are Made Here

You've probably heard more than enough about how difficult dating in the military can be, or perhaps you already have personal experience to prove it. Where are the success stories to inspire you and assure you that love is out there for you? You'll find them right here on, because were the uniformed dating site where more successful military relationships start. We care about the dating needs of the people who protect us, and we work hard to make sure our site gets you what you need. Whether you're looking for a civilian or a servicewoman, whether you serve yourself or not, we make it easy for you to meet the kind of woman you want to date. Whether you have a type or like a lot of options, you can search, browse, and filter on our site to find who you're looking for, then chat and message as much and as often as you want, including from your mobile device. Get to know her, be yourself, and have fun: after all, it's dating! We have a huge range of female members, and we're confident there's someone here for you. Looking to meet military singles or searching for that amazing civilian girl, you deserve to meet your match and have it last. It's all at your fingertips when you open an account.


image descriptionGamerGirlGetsIt, 24

Waiting to meet a sailor or soldier to sweep me away! Must be into geeky things (games especially), and then we'll be guaranteed to never run out of things to talk about!

image descriptionDutyDreamer, 38

Dating a man in the armed services is my dream. I have so much respect for what you do and would be happy to brave the distance for a chance with you.

image descriptionBigBrenda_116, 29

Some guys find me intimidating I guess, so I need someone who won't buckle so easy. Respect's one thing, I've earned that, but have a little backbone! Serving or civvy, all good!