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I'm athletic and would love to train with a military girlfriend! What you ladies do is amazing, and it would be a real honor to have you in my life! - BeautiifulGameBeautifulGirl, 26
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In the Coast Guard and looking for someone to wait for me on the shore. I'm a great cook and love doing lots of long nights in with my girl. - marine_cuisine, 36
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I'm ready to settle down with someone. I'm imagining someone back home but I've met a lot of amazing women in the service, so I'm not ruling that out either! - DuckyDave76, 37


Distance and geography pose a huge challenge in military relationships. Whether it's civilian women looking for men in uniform, or servicewomen looking for fellow armed forces members or for a civilian partner, everyone faces the barrier of their potential partner living or serving far away, or perhaps just not knowing where to find them locally. is ready to help you overcome this difficulty of uniformed dating: we offer a huge number of members all around the world, all explicitly interested in military dating. Then we built powerful tools to help you sort through all the dedicated, attractive guys on our site so you could search. Maybe you have a specific type and are willing to relocate and see new places. You can easily search for the type of guys you want anywhere in the world. Or maybe you need someone local? On our site, you can narrow results to your specific area. Even if you want a specific type of guy and want him to be nearby as well, you can combine your criteria to get the search results you want. No matter where he is or where you are, lets you easily search for military singles and interested civilians and is proud to connect you with your match, anywhere around the world or right in your city.



image descritpionSam_M_1982

I met my boyfriend while we were both deployed. I wasn't on ActiveDutyDating looking for anything serious really, but he was so sweet and charming and he understood what being out here was like. I never expected to meet someone like him on a uniform dating site, someone I could stay with despite everything that's happening around here. It really opened my eyes.

image descritpionWaveHello2U2

So far I'm getting a lot of really great guys in the service through ActiveDutyDating, and we're chatting and getting to know each other. Nothing serious yet, but mostly cause I feel like they're all so good with me that it's hard to choose! Definitely not a problem I was having before trying this site, the military singles on the other sites just weren't this interesting!

image descritpionKarra_R_451

The man who is now my husband was on leave when we meth through ActiveDutyDating. I thought I was ready for what would happen when his leave ended but it was hard. In the end, it was worth it, and so much more. I'm glad I went to this site for looking at military dating, or we would never have met!

image descritpionLacyOnTheCase

I have a sort of unusual story, in that I had a fling with a sailor on leave, right? And then I ran into him again on ActiveDutyDating! He was the one who got me interested in military dating, but I never expected to meet such a cutie (again). Were together now for real, but I never would have found him again without this site!

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Making military relationships work, or even finding that servicemember or interested civilian in the first place, can be enough of a challenge without putting up even more roadblocks. Other dating sites make you fill out lengthy surveys before they'll let you start looking for matches. But isn't part of the magic in getting to know each other naturally? steps out of your way and replaces endless surveys, quizzes, tests, and other obstacles with powerful search, browse, and filtering tools that let you sort through our huge member base of military singles easily and exactly the way you want. We simply give you the tools you need to find the kind of guy you want, your way. We won't pretend we know better than you, but instead give you everything you need to take control: after all, we already know you're a special and dedicated type of person to be interested in military dating. Once you've found the man who looks right for you, provides an array of chatting and messaging features so that you can talk to him and start feeling that spark, exploring your chemistry, and starting a successful relationship off on the right foot. We let you focus on your relationship, not on filling out forms, so create a quick and easy profile and see who you’ll find.

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Make Military Dating Mobile

When it comes to dating a member of the armed forces, maximizing every chance to stay in touch is key. Communication may be important in relationships, but in military dating it's even more crucial, whether you're just looking for someone to strike a spark with, getting to know a new flame, or trying to keep the fire going in an established relationship. That's why is proud to offer not only excellent services on our site, but also a powerful and convenient mobile app. Now you can search, chat, and message military members or civilians anytime, during any spare moment. Don't tether your relationship to a computer or an internet connection. With our mobile app, you can take advantage of any time one of you has service to your mobile device to stay connected, stay mobile, and stay flexible. Fit your search for love into any part of your life, or keep a relationship going to matter where you both are. Chat in real time when you're both available, or send each other instant messages that arrive immediately and can be read whenever he has time. Remove as many barriers as possible from your communication and your relationship, and use the site that gives you all the options and all the flexibility. is the uniformed dating site that works for you!


image descriptionMove2ThisMusic, 29

Looking for a fellow audiophile to share tunes with while I'm away. I love all types of music and all types of women, so why not recommend me a song over chat to start?

image descriptionRespectWhoProtect, 26

I respect what y'all do so much, I can't wait to show a woman in uniform an awesome time and make you feel loved long distance or short. Message me anytime!

image descriptionAllFunNoProfit, 27

When I'm not on duty I'm about fifty barrels of fun and I'm looking for a lady to laugh with. Sense of humor a must, and everything else up to fate!