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I need someone who can keep up with me physically, preferably both a training partner and someone to spend my life with. Service preferred, but civilian athletes also sound good. - EagleEyeTrigger, 26
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If you're serving our country then girl, I wanna serve you. I know it can be hard, but baby, we can make it for sure. Chat me and if we click, we're on! - Eager2Serve_1980, 24
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I'm close with my unit but would be nice to be closer with someone else, too. I'm a big geek under it all, so talk to me if we can get geeky together. - Nerd2The3rd, Age


Being a lesbian in the armed forces may have gotten a lot easier, but there are still a lot of complicated choices to make, even on top of the usual troubles of dating a servicewoman, from either the military or civilian side. One of the most consistent challenges to military dating, besides meeting someone in the first place, is staying in touch with your partner over long distances and longer tours. For gay and lesbian service members, this gets even more complicated as you have to decide how open you want to be about contacting her, even aside from the usual concerns of when and how. This is where is proud to offer convenient options to address this critical aspect of military relationships. Not only does the site itself offer robust chat features, but the mobile app offers even more flexibility and chances for contact. Chat in real time whenever you can get online at the same time, or send her a message any time of day from your mobile device that reaches her account instantly and can be read whenever she's near a mobile signal. There's nothing like the combination of real-time and asynchronous features, available both on the site and in the mobile app, to help your uniformed dating success. Access these features and many more on when you sign up.



image descritpionMaryMakesFaces

You can tell I can be pretty silly, but I knew I had what it took to make a military dating relationship work, so I went on ActiveDutyDating to try and meet a woman in uniform. Not only did I meet one, I ended up marrying her! The site made finding her easy, and I'd recommend it to any woman!

image descritpionGirl_On_Fire_44

When I went looking for a big, strong woman in uniform, I went right for ActiveDutyDating. So many girls just my type to choose from, I had a hard time settling down! I'm just starting something more serious with one of them, and so far it's the best time I've ever had. This is the uniformed dating site to beat for sure.

image descritpionNadina_K

I met a woman on ActiveDutyDating and we clicked so well I ended up moving to be closer to her. The site showed me a lot of military singles, but in the end she was not hard to choose... she was simple right for me. We're married now and I've seen so many interesting places thanks to knowing her. It all started on this site.

image descritpionkaras_still_kickin

My girl was the one who found *me* on here. I got an account but wasn't doing much with it because the amount of lesbian military singles on here was a bit overwhelming. But she saw me on the site and went for it and sent a message. It's no wonder she's a soldier! ActiveDutyDating got us together, and we're still going strong!

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Gays and lesbians have long faced the challenge of trying to find partners in a population that caters first and foremost to straight couples and straight dating. This problem of smaller set of people to choose from only gets worse when the people in question are servicewomen, already an extremely rare, specialized, and special group. While options for lesbians both within and outside of the military are expanding, lesbian couples still face the same challenges as other military couples and non-military female couples, plus issues unique to lesbian dating in the military. And of the biggest of these is finding lesbian military singles in the first place. is honored to connect military women with each other and with interested civilians by offering a huge user base with members around the world and an atmosphere friendly to gay and lesbian members. Use the site's comprehensive searching, browsing, and filtering capabilities to narrow down the results to the women you're most interested in the area relevant to you. Then get to know her, easily and quickly, to make sure you two really click! We're confident that you'll meet an amazing woman right for you. We want your military match to be fun, satisfying, and successful, and that's why we're the uniformed dating you need. See the difference and discover the love you deserve when you open an account today!

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There are already enough challenges in dating for both servicewomen and lesbians, let alone combining the two, so why add more roadblocks? Online dating is great for addressing some of the issues faced in lesbian military dating, but there's one common aspect of online dating sites that can just get in the way. Many dating sites make you fill out lengthy surveys and questionnaires before they try to match you. But isn't the pool of lesbian servicewomen and interested lesbian civilians already small enough without limiting you even further based on survey results? Anyone in the armed forces, and anyone interested in dating servicewomen, is already an exceptional individual, and respects that by getting out of your way and letting you find the woman you want, your way. We cultivate a huge user base and a friendly environment; build powerful searching, browsing, and filtering features; offer a variety of options for connecting via chat, message, or in real life. And then we step aside. We respect your capability and dedication, and we want your relationship to start off on the right foot: based on what you want, not what we think is best for you. We've built so that both lesbian military singles and civilian have the best chance of finding a match on their own terms. Try it out today!


image descriptionadamant_soul, 24

I can handle a lot more than I look. If we meet and we're feeling something, I will stick with it and stick with you all the way, no matter what happens.

image descriptionMil_Brat_Paige, 29

Both my parents were military, so I know what I'm in for. If it's the right person, I know it will be good, and worth it. We just have to give it a try.

image descriptionKelsey_N_14, 22

I know I'm young, but my brother's in the army, so I know how this goes. Soldiers deserve to be loved, and maybe one of you is the other half of "us".